at Enchanted Rock in 2017
Atop Enchanted Rock in 2017.

Hi. We’re Tim & Kayla Wardell. Welcome to TK Adventures, our blog about Texas Road Trips, travel, life, love, marriage, and more. We’re new to blogging, but not new to Texas or long drives to interesting places. One of our fist adventures together involved traversing an ice-coated Sam Rayburn Tollway (TX 121) from Grapevine to Frisco.

As actors and entertainers, we’ve traveled many a mile, both with others and without. We discovered early on that we travel really well together – . really, really well – like 6-hours-in-a-car-together-and-not-want-to-kill-each-other well. It’s one of the many ways we’re so compatible, and how we knew we wanted to journey through life together. So, we got married on June 3, 2017, five years after meeting for the first time, and three and half years after the ice storm drive that brought us together.

What do two road-wise wayfarers do for a honeymoon?
Compose erotic sonnets? No.
Perform an interpretive dance with finger puppets? No, but intriguing.
Blog? Maybe. Eventually. Inevitably.
Road trip? Yes, most definitely.

Since our relationship began on a road, it was only appropriate that our married life begin the same way. So it was that shortly after the ceremony – or more accurately, after the Tex Mex lunch that followed the Saturday morning ceremony (at Mattito’s in Frisco – the lunch, not the wedding) – we set off for the first of many adventures as a couple. Our destination: the Texas Hill Country.

We invite you to come along for the ride.

– Tim & Kayla (TK)